Activities in Israel, 2018

  • Issuing press releases with up-to-date statistics on incidence, survival and morbidity rates of the disease in Israel
  • New public information ads were published on various media channels that encouraged women to be breast aware as well as the importance of genetic counseling
  • Breast Cancer seminars in several hospitals featuring leading experts from the field presenting the latest information on breast cancer
  • Social media campaign featuring a short video stressing the importance of early detection 
  • Collaboration with El Al airlines with planes illuminated pink and passengers were given branded eye covers, pink chocolates and post cards encouraging them to be breast aware
  • Collaboration with a major cosmetics company to illuminate a Ferris wheel in Tel Aviv pink as well as partner with an Israeli clothing company to promote screening
  • Annual “Celebrating Life” seminar where hundreds of breast cancer survivors and family members heard from leading breast cancer experts
  • Harley Davidson ride to promote awareness and the importance of early detection of breast cancer
  • Joint initiatives with soccer/basketball clubs where players wore pink shirts to promote breast cancer awareness
  • Various organizations throughout Israel held lectures on “What can I do to reduce my risk of breast cancer?

El Al planes illuminated

”Pink Yacht Sail” event for young women with breast cancer