Activities in Poland, 2018

  • Promotion and distribution of a Polish edition of this year's Breast Health Day leaflet and information campaign to the media, during pink ribbon runs, in hospitals and conferences to spread BHD information 
  • A training conference in Dębica titled “You, your family and friends need your health” in the Town Hall
  • The Annual Pink March and Zumbathon in Legnica, with distribution of brochures and information on breast cancer prevention at the march and in middle and high schools
  • A training conference “Healthy Life-Healthy breasts” in Nowy Sącz, at the regional college.  BHD leaflets and healthy snacks were distributed
  • Pink Ribbon march through the streets of Nowy Sącz and distribution of BHD leaflets and advice from local advocates
  • Mammography screening at the hospital in Piła with an ED stand distributing information on prevention as well as BHD materials. Lectures and festivals promoting the importance of breast cancer prevention in nearby towns
  • A Pink March of Health in Piła
  • Training conference about breast awareness and mammography screening in Przemyśl

”March to Health” held in Legnica for Breast Health Day

Zumba Marathon, Legnica to promote the importance of physical activity