Activities in Serbia, 2018

  • Press conference with representatives from the Ministry of Health to launch all Breast Health Day activities
  • Coordinated public events “Healthy Lifestyles for your breasts” in Belgrade, Uzice, Vrnjacka Banja, Nis, Kragujevac, Pozarevac, Valjevo and Smederevo  providing information on the importance of physical activity, diet and body weight for prevention of breast cancer
  • Distribution of leaflets on healthy lifestyles, water and apples at public events
  • In Belgrade, Uzice, Vrnjacka and Banja open-air events promoting a healthy diet and physical activity where trainers from fitness clubs taught light exercises to women and girls that they can practice every day
  • Dissemination of Breast Health Day materials through ED Serbia’s website and social media channels

Press conference on 15 October to launch Breast Heath Day activities in Serbia. Pictured from left to right, Mrs J. Lukic - member of ED Serbia Executive board, Dr. V. Knjeginjic - Deputy Ministry of Health Republic of Serbia, Dr. V. Jovanovic - Director Institute for Public Health, Dr. A. Jovicevic – Institute for Oncology and Radiology and Dr. J. Jorga, Nutritionist

Public event held in town of Uzice