Activities in United Kingdom, 2019

  • “Chris and Gabriella World Cycling Tour” arrived in Tajikistan, their 21st country. The couple are cycling 100,000 km across 7 continents to raise awareness for breast cancer
  • Promotion of Breast Health Day via social networks and major UK charities
  • “Breast Health Awareness Afternoons” in several different charities across London to promote breast health awareness among disadvantaged populations
  • Presentation on Breast Health at a breast cancer charity boxing event
  • Breast Awareness event at Charing Cross Hospital, London where information was distributed about breast health and living a healthy lifestyle 
  • Participation in the annual Britain Against Cancer Conference 
  • Lord Mayor of Westminster's Reception where Prof. Michael Baum gave a lecture on "The history of breast cancer through the eyes of the artist from Ancient Egypt to the modern day”

On route...Chris and Gabs World Cycling Tour

Prof Michael Baum and the Executive Members of ED UK at our Lord Mayor of Westminster's Reception