Preventing Recurrence

Numerous studies have shown that lifestyle factors have an impact on recurrence of breast cancer and outcomes after breast cancer.

Physical Activity

  • Women who have had breast cancer should engage in regular, moderate exercise of at least 30-60 minutes per day
  • Lifestyle factors to reduce the risk of recurrence: the St. Gallen Panel supported use of an exercise regimen and weight loss (or at least avoidance of weight gain)1
  • There is consistent evidence from 27 observational studies that physical activity is associated with reduced breast cancer specific mortality2
  • High levels of physical activity may improve survival in postmenopausal women with breast cancer, even among those reporting low physical activity prior to diagnosis3


  • Obesity and BMI studies have shown that women who are obese are more likely to have a recurrence and have poorer survival compared to those who maintain a normal body weight BMI less than 25 2,4


  • The evidence for following a specific diet is not conclusive though many studies find that a Mediterranean diet that includes fish, olive oil, vegetables etc is desirable and that processed meat and red meat should be avoided5
  • Vitamin D should be included in the diet for women shown to be vitamin D deficient1
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